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Series: I hate White: "Brothers", 2010

Cuerpo a cuerpo, festival de performance, september 2010. Series: “I hate white”, 2010 “Brothers” This piece is part of the series “I hate white”, where the artist explores ideas about demagoguery and violence. The concept of white has simbolized purity, virginity, cleanness versus black charge with negative connotations and red associated with the violence or the impure. In the piece Brothers, the artist plays in one hand with the colour and in the other with the concept of brotherhood, associated with nationalism. In any case the piece plays around preconceived ideas and attitudes.

Secrets and puppets, 2010

Presented at Epipiderm 8, Lisbon
This piece from the artist rosa mesa is a performance that deals with the world of communication in artistic spaces but it extents to the general world of today media oriented and globalized culture. Politics, politics of art, responsability, ownership, desire, control and communication are some of the themes that work in this piece that is both an interactive performance as well as a drawing piece.
It is an interactive piece in which the audience is invited to participate in the creative process telling their secrets or desires to the artist. The artist becomes a puppet that will respond to the audience interaction.