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Trapos sucios, 2015

When we use the expression “Trapos sucios” in Spanish it relates in one hand to dirty clothes and in the other to secrets…secrets that you do not want anybody to know. The first presentation of this piece in Spain denounce the 1289 rapes that take place in the country every year and that have been communicated to the police and certified for a doctor. The experts believe that they are much more and that this number do not reflect the reality. The silence of all the women that for different reasons (shame, guilt, pain, fear…) could not make a complaint is broken by the ones that can make it. Al over the world this negligible actions take place without a real outcry, hidden under the wait of hundreds of years of patriarchy. Trapos sucios bring to the streets the secret keep in our societies, the secret of a terrible violence against women through the act of the rape. Trapos sucios take the streets to demand to the society to deal with this old and terrible form of violence, to be more awa…

"The king is dead long live the king", 2015

This performance piece part of the project "The king is dead, long live the king" is a piece presented in Toronto at Arstcape. The piece questions our understandings about democracy, power and relationships between them and the econmy.

Photos Ilse Gudino Thanks to the support of CAAM, Colectivo Torornto and  Alucine Film and Video Festival

"Dialogues with my baggage", 2015

This performance piece took place in Toronto during FADO Legs TOO, as part of the presentation of the piece"The king is dead long live to the king". The piece is a conversation with my personal history, with my experience as an immigrant and the evoution of my own life, from the years in which evrything I owned was in my bag to today, when my bagage contain just a part of my personal belongings. In the context of one of the most dramatic refugee crisis in European history Dialogues with my bagage explore the different meanings of a person baggage.

Facilitated by FADO Performance Art Center Photo credit:Henry Chan Thanks to the support of CAAM (Centro altlántico de Arte Moderno)

"The future is in your hand" 2015

The idea of death is someting that besides its simplicity scapes to our understanding. We live and die, but beyond all of that the future is in our hands (ironically).

La idea de la muerte es, a pesar de su simpleza, un concepto que se nos escapa. Vivimos y morimos, pero más allá de esta realidad el futuro está en nuestras manos, incluso irónicamente.

Photos:Thomas Proffe

Sonando despiertos. Dreaming awake 2015

La igualdad entre hombres y mujeres es una labor de nuestra sociedad en su conjunto, es un camino que tenemos que recorrer todos para alcanzar un objetivo que si bien se recoge en la mayoría de las constituciones, en la declaración de los derechos humanos y en nuestra ley de igualdad está aún lejos de ser una realidad. La pieza que presento es una metáfora de este camino, una manifestación de un deseo, un sueño de multitud de personas que piensan que una sociedad igualitaria sería más justa y coherente. Este es un camino sonoro en el que unos hombres y unas mujeres vistiendo sus mejores galas recorren las calles de Vegueta el 7 de Marzo del 2015, representando un sueño, soñarán despiertos.

Equality Between Men and women is a task of society as a whole, is a path we must go all to Achieve a goal in MOST Stated That, Although constitutions, the declaration of human rights and our law of equality is far from Being a reality. The piece That I present is a metaphor for esta path, a manifest…