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Missing 2016

Missing, 2016

 In this piece to be realize in Hamilton Ontario on October 11th the female character will be Elizabeth Catherine Bagshaw, physician (b near Cannington, Ont 18 Oct 1881; d at Hamilton, Ont 5 Jan 1982). She had a successful 60-year medical practice after graduating from University of Toronto (MB) in 1905, but is best known for her 30 years as medical director of the Hamilton Birth Control Clinic. Cheerful and courageous, she accepted the post in 1932 despite opposition from medical colleagues and local clergy and worked with dedicated volunteers to provide Hamilton women with inexpensive and reliable contraceptives. Bagshaw received numerous honours throughout her long life, including an honorary doctorate from McMaster.Missing is the first of a number of projects dedicated to bring to public awareness the role of women in different communities all over the world. The public intervention consists in posting all over a town(in this case Hamilton) posters of a woman, asking…

Cuando claman los cristales, 2016

Cuando claman los cristales Citizen participation has a lot to do with the ways we understand democracy and culture. Participation is much more than to vote periodically. It involves to create ways to allow the citizens to have a say in what is going on in their society allowing some empowerment. Once empowerment begins to grow we realize that we do have actually a voice and that we can change the things that happen around us.
This piece is a metaphor to that power we have, transparent but strong.

La participación ciudadana tiene mucho que ver con las formas en que entendamos la democracia y la cultura. Más allá del concepto simplista de votación cada cuatro años, la democracia implica un entramado estructural que permita el acceso de la ciudadanía a estructuras que permitan su empoderamiento. A medida que desarrollemos esta sensación de empoderamiento llegamos a la conclusión lógica de que nuestros pensamientos e ideas son de interés para los demás y que a través de ciertos mecanismo…