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All the invisible things that connect us.

Following my exploration within the performance as an intervention with the audience, the piece explores the relationships established by human beings when they come in contact with each other. Deprived of visual and verbal contact (most common forms of communication). In this first piece of a series dedicated to the exploration of the intangible, I will invite the audience to join me in a two-day interactive project. (20 hours)

They explored topics such as intuition, empathy, cooperation and fear.
During two days and during working hours the artist was in a dark room, in the TEA(Tenerife Espacio de las artes). The public could enter freely one by one and with the condition of not establishing verbal contact with the artist (physical contact was allowed). The participants were instructed to take note of the assigned number and then leave their comments on the experience. The person wandered through the space until he or she met (or not) the artist.

Siguiendo mi trayectoria dentro del …